Join in the latest craze - Social Artworking!

Watch how children create amazing work of art they will be proud to display!

Social Artworking takes the guess work out of painting. Youngsters will create beautiful projects building their confidence and love of art for life! We have more than 100 designs to choose from!

‚ÄčOur Social Artworking Jr. party is based on a minimum of 10 kids and includes:

Use of our private party room for 1 hour of painting!
Free hand print canvas or "let's paint together"
Printable invitations
Party hostess to provide creative insights
Extra party room time can be booked for snacks, cake and presents!

$10 per person - 8 x 10 canvas

$15 per person - 12 x 16 canvas

$25 per person - 16 x 20 canvas

Social Artworking Junior Birthdays

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