French for Kids

We still have few spots available for our French for Kids program. Perfect for kids needing extra practice in French or starting French immersion.



Our conversational method engages children and gets them talking from the very beginning. Age-appropriate instruction and materials featuring lively, fun activities highlight our programs.

Small class sizes mean children will have more opportunities to speak.

For kids ages 4-7, our programs provide lots of concrete visual cues like flashcards.

Children ages 8-14 are engaged through role-plays, music, games and materials that capture their interest.

We are student centered. Our highly interactive teaching process encourages participation and is focused on the student. Accommodates various learning styles. Multisensory materials and a variety of classroom activities support learning in many different ways.

Our aim is to build student confidence. Activities help children learn through positive reinforcement, turning knowledge into understanding. Learning a new language makes anything possible.

Think of language classes as a small investment with a big payoff for the future. Studies show that children who learn a new language score higher on standardized tests and are more flexible at problem solving – enhancing their future education.

Cost: Now just $20 for a private 45 min. class.

Call Preety today 647-302-8960


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