Is your school or organization looking to raise funds? If so, consider what Wise Adventures has to offer.

Tile Walls (UP TO 50% PROFIT)

Tired of the same old fundraising ideas? Let Wise Adventures provide a unique, creative and interactive opportunity to raise funds and bring your community together. Families, friends and others can participate in a variety of projects that will not only achieve your fundraising goal quickly but also beautify your campus, office, playground or place of worship.

​Tile Walls make fabulous public art projects for your facility. Wise Adventures will sell you the tiles, paint, glazing and firing at a discounted price and you can sell them to donors or painters at a mark up of your choice.






4” tiles


$16 + HST     


6” tiles


$20 + HST


Gift Card Fundraising

Fundraising Made Easy!  Simply have members of your qualifying school or organization sell Wise Adventures $25 gift cards and we’ll give back $5 of each gift card sold to your group!  We provide the order forms, and instructions.  It’s  a great fundraiser for the holidays!

Birthday Party

Everyone loves to celebrate - especially at a great price! Offer parents at your school to book a basic birthday party at $99 and your school gets to keep 10%! Your parents will thank you for the great deal and your school will benefit from the funds!

Donations / Prizes / Silent Auction Items

Many groups choose to paint items for silent auctions. We have all the creative tools to assist you whether you choose to paint it yourself or have our custom artist paint it for you. Wise Adventures will donate paint and glazing and firing fees. You’ll see dollar signs at your silent auction with hand painted pottery pieces from Wise Adventures!

Pottery Fundraising

Wise Adventures Pottery is a school fundraising program which ignites the imaginations of students and parents. Wise Adventures leverages student's original artwork on mugs, plates or bowls. Each item proudly displays the artist's original work.

The students create the artwork themselves for their fundraising program. For Kindergarten students, we’ll be there to assist to create memorable hand print or other art. All the artwork is created in the classroom in tandem with the school
curriculum. NO extracurricular activity is required. 

Let's Paint & Robotics School Programs

Raise funds with Wise Adventures Art or Robotics Programs. We will take care of the registrations and all of the logistics. Your school gets to keep 10%.

Didn't find a fundraising idea you were thinking of? Please call 905-782-8110. We'll do what we can to help!


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