Fill out and return this form with cheque or credit card information to your school,

by MAIL to: Wise Adventures, 3353 The Credit Woodlands, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 2K1

Registration Deadline: September 25, 2015

Child's School:  _____________________

Program Dates: Monday, October 26, 2015 to December 14, 2015

Program chosen (please circle one):

Lunch time _____________________
After school ____________________

The Amazing Animals
I'm so cool!
Boys will be boys
Fun in the sun

Child's Name: ______________________________________ Date of Birth: _______________________ 

Grade: __________________________ Teacher: ____________________________________________

Parent(s)/Guardian(s): _________________________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________________________ Alt. Phone: __________________________

Address (w/ City and Postal Code): ________________________________________________________

Health Concerns: ______________________________________________________________________

For after school programs only My child will be picked up by: _____________ Phone: ________________

( ) My child will attend after-school care ( ) My child travel home by his/her own means (walk, ride bike, etc.)

Payment information: $119 + HST = $134.47

Credit Card Number (Visa or Mastercard ONLY) _____________________________________________

Expiration: __________________ Name on Card: ____________________________________________


Program Policies:

• All supplies and materials are included in the class fee.

• Classes generally meet for one hour, one day/week.

• There is no class on scheduled holidays. If a class is canceled/not held for any reason, a make-up day will be scheduled and parents will be notified.

• We do not pick up children from their classroom, so you may want to send a note to the child's teacher to remind them to go to Wise Adventures class.

• If Wise Adventures takes registration for a class, we will attempt to call you (we may leave a message at your home and/or business) prior to the start of the program to confirm your child's enrollment and to inform you of the meeting location along with dismissal information.

• Children must be picked up as soon as class is over. Wise Adventures is not responsible for children before or after stated class times.

• Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum class size is 20 students; minimum class size is 12 students (unless otherwise specified).

• Late registrations will be accepted based on space and must be secured with a cheque or a credit card.


How to Register:



Mail completed form with payment (check or credit card) to: Wise Adventures, 3353 The Credit Woodlands, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 2K1

Refund Policies:

If for any reason a class does not run, all money will be fully refunded/returned. A $28.00 processing fee will be charged for all returned checks. After the first class, if  your child does not want to or is unable to attend the  remaining classes, a refund will be given. Wise Adventures must be notified prior to the start of the 2nd class in order to be eligible for the refund. Thereafter, no refund  (full or partial) will be given. To obtain a refund, please call Wise Adventures at 905-782-8110.


What is Wise Adventures?

Our unique brand of exciting, interactive art programs instills love for art, and helps children gain the confidence they need to pursue art further. Children get an opportunity to paint on canvas or pottery creating beautiful work of art!

Is this a stand-alone extra-curricular program?

Wise Adventures takes all the hassle and frustration out of running an extra-curricular program. We run our art clubs separate of any other programs at your school.

 What is our time commitment to your program?

Setting up a Wise Adventures program will require a minimal time investment for the school. Your commitment typically occurs before the registration period as school administrator works with us to finalize the program details and coordinate classroom space.

How long are your programs (weeks and hours)?

Our standard program is 8 weeks, 1 hour per week and held during your lunch period, or after school. Wise Adventures is able to accommodate requests for 6 to 10 week programs. See “What are Your Suggested Program Start Dates?” below for how your school can offer after-school art enrichment throughout the school year.

What is the cost?

There is never any cost to your school – on the contrary we will give you 10% of registrations collected back! There is never a registration fee, deposit, or cancellation fee associated with our programs. The cost for an 8-week session is $119 + HST per student. This is an all-inclusive one-time fee for the participants. Wise Adventures provides all supplies.

What are your suggested program start dates?

We schedule our classes over three semesters. With the ease of implementation, the popularity and variety of our instruction, and the no obligation nature of our programs, most schools elect to offer Wise Adventures Art programs multiple times throughout the school year. The Fall semester begins the week of October 20th, Winter the week of January 19th, Spring the week of April 20th.

 What if our schedule does not correspond with the dates above?

Due to the number of schools we work with, the number of concurrent programs we run, and the amount of equipment scheduling necessary to support these programs, Wise Adventures has a small window of time to start our programs.

 Do you have a minimum class size? A maximum class size?

Our classes require a minimum enrollment of 12 paid students. To ensure the activities run smoothly class size will be capped at 20. Registrations for numbers 21 through 24 will go on a wait list. With the 24th registration, Wise Adventures will create 2 classes of 12. The ability to offer additional classes may be subject to instructor availability. Predicting enrollment is crucial to the proper planning necessary to ensure all your interested students can participate. See “How can we predict enrollment?” below. Wise Adventures may elect to offer a program even if the class minimum is not met. This decision is at the sole discretion of Wise Adventures.

What ages/grades can register?

Wise Adventures offers instruction in an age and grade appropriate manner, using a variety of teaching methods and environments, to ensure each participant benefits from the instruction. Students in grades 1 through Grade 8 are offered the opportunity to participate in our programs. Should registration allow we will divide school-age classes into Grades 1 – 4 and Grades 5 – 8. Larger enrollment may allow even greater segregation by grade level.

How can we predict enrollment?

A good rule of thumb is to assume 10% of your student body will be interested in the Wise Adventures extra-curricular program. Response may be affected by many factors including day of week, season of year and transportation needs. However, it is best to plan for a 10% response and reserve the necessary rooms in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Because there is no financial obligation to your organization, final enrollment that does not utilize all the reserved rooms will not result in a penalty of any kind.

When should we schedule our class(es)?

Wise Adventures has the flexibility in scheduling and instructor availability to conduct classes on any day of the week and on multiple days during the week at one location. Availability on some days may be limited so it is best to confirm your dates with Wise Adventures as early as possible. After school classes should start within 15 minutes from the dismissal of school. During lunch hour classes children will be given 15 minutes to eat their lunch as we take attendance and introduce them to the topic of the day.

What topics are offered?

Wise Adventures has four 8-week art programs to offer your school. Please note that not all programs will be offered in every semester.

How is registration handled?

 There are two ways to handle registration:

1) Wise Adventures will prepare and deliver registration flyers to be handed out to your students. They will be asked to not return forms to the school before the deadline.

2) You may choose to handle the registration yourself. Once your program has begun, Wise Adventures will invoice your school. Should you process your own registration, participant information and class rosters must be provided to Wise Adventures in advance of the program start date.

 When is payment required?

From parents: Payment is required at the time of registration. Credit card or cheque payments will be accepted. Wise Adventures reserves the right to close registration once our maximum enrolment has been reached.

From your organization: Should you elect to process registration and payments, Wise Adventures will invoice you for the number of participants during the second week of class. Payment of this invoice is expected within one week of receipt.

 What does Wise Adventures need from your organization?

We require a room large enough for the students to sit comfortably, and for the instructor to move freely between them. The instructor will also need a small table for the supplies. Room volunteers are not necessary with our programs

What is your refund policy?

A refund will be made to any parent who withdraws a child prior to the second week of the program. A $25.00 processing fee will be applied to all refund requests. Withdrawal after the second week is not subject to a refund. Refunds will not be issued for classes missed by the child.

 Do you have a quality guarantee?

The Wise Adventures guarantee is simple – your organization, your students and parents will be satisfied with the Wise Adventures experience or we will do what it takes to make it right.

 Who are your instructors?

We recruit university students, mature individuals, and future teachers who have experience in classrooms or with groups of elementary aged children. Every Wise Adventures instructor must pass a criminal background check and have first aid and CPR training.

 What are the expectations of the students? The parents?

Wise Adventures strives at all times to provide fun and safe art activities for all children participating in our classes. To fulfill this commitment, we ask that all children enrolled adhere to basic behavioral guidelines. Our instructors set clear boundaries and expectations as to appropriate conduct and we will hold all students to these expectations. In addition, Wise Adventures will follow all school rules and policies regarding student behavioral expectations. We ask your cooperation should any parent be notified of discipline problems. It is our intention to provide children with, not deprive them of our program. It is only when a child interrupts this positive learning environment that we would take any such action.

Wise Adventures also has expectations of the parents whose children are enrolled. Only children with a sincere interest in our programs and the necessary maturity to handle an extension of the school day should be allowed to enroll. An approved guardian must pick up each child at the classroom promptly at the dismissal of class.

 What is your inclement weather/class cancellation policy?

Wise Adventures will follow the inclement weather and school closure policy of the school district in which we are instructing. Each program should have a minimum of one week before the start of the next program to accommodate a possible make-up day. Wise Adventures will attempt to reschedule weather-related class cancellations or other events beyond our control or planning. 


Our 8-week programs are offered in three semesters: fall, winter, and spring.

All programs are independent of each other and may be presented in any order.

Wise Adventures Art is appropriate for Grades 1 – 8

We will cover different painting techniques including:
Proper pattern transfer
Brush basics: one part, small amount, double-load, corner of brush, mixing, increasing fluidity.
Brushstrokes: vertical &horizontal, visible, long & short, quick.
Painting techniques: reach, highlight, shade, horizon line, contour, drybrush, stipple, outline & loosely outline

Children will make 4 canvas and 4 pottery creations (plate, figurine, mug and bank).

The Amazing Animals

I'm so cool!

Boys will be boys

Fun in the sun

Painting is an important part of growing up. It improves hand to eye coordination, attention to detail, concentration, imagination and builds confidence. In each class children will create a 9” x 12” canvas painting or will get to paint a pottery piece under close guidance from an instructor, creating a beautiful work of art even if they never painted before!

And the best part – 10% of registration funds will go back to your school to support your programs!

If you are the one introducing this program to your school, your child will participate for free.

To book a Wise Adventures Art program for your school, please call our office at 905-782-8110 or email us at mail@wise-adventures.ca. 

Let's Paint! Lunch & After School Programs


• Available at lunchtime or after school
• Appropriate for Grades 1 – 8
• 8 week programs with one hour classes
• Hands-on and interactive
• $119.00 + HST per child
• FREE printed registration forms
• Online registration
• 10% goes back to your school! 

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