Adventure Team Building Activities

A Sample of Popular Adventure Team Building Activities.

Take your team out, ideal for

memorable one day activities
excursion based events
extensive full-weekend team building training

Choose from a range of activities to suit your target areas:

Survival Island Adventure

Our largest scale and most challenging event, involving surviving alone as a team on a "tropical island" with a minimum of equipment. Starting with a 12 hour option from morning to evening, it can easily be expanded to a 24 hour event including one night away. 

Teams are taken to a remote "island". Only accessible by boat, once there, delegates will be given material for shelter, food and water. The time spent on the "island" will be split between the essential tasks necessary for survival, building camp, catching food and cooking, and team challenges.

It is possible to run this event with either one or more teams in competition. Debriefing and analysis lead by instructors will form a part of the process, both to enhance the learning outcomes and experiences of the delegates, and to ensure that the team works together and that no one is isolated or struggles to fit in.

In the same way, instructor supervision at all times is an important safety factor, and in the event of an emergency of team member withdrawal, transport and medical backup will be standing by.

This activity is recommended for the adventurous.
This game encourages planning, goal setting, organisation, communication, leadership, cooperation and problem solving.
This is a cooperation, leadership and trust team building activity.

Four Wheel Drive Treasure Hunt Around Island Race

Treasure Hunt is an activity that encourages planning, goal setting, organisation, communication and problem solving.

The delegates will be divided into 7 teams of 10 people. Each team will be provided with maps of the "island", and a series of clues and instructions. There will ten of famous ( or infamous ) landmarks and curious places to find, and at each one another clue will be found to help with finding the next location, and a piece of the final riddle. The first team back in the time limit of 3 and a half hours, with the problem solved wins the game. Scores will be given for incomplete results to be taken into day two.

This is a communication team building activity.

GPS Mapping Activities

Both the four wheel drive treasure hunt and the orienteering activities are ideal to be played using GPS systems and mapping software.

We provide Bluetooth GPS devices and pocket PCs to teams, who can then be given longitude and latitude locations instead or as well as written clues and normal maps.

Teams also have the opportunity to save the routes and waypoints for their trips, and download these later to a PC for printing.

Orienteering on the mountain paths in the centre of Samui becomes possible with the use of GPS. We can provide a set of locations for teams to find with minimum risk of becoming lost when using a GPS, or provide teams with maps we have created ourselves beforehand using the same system.

As an option, it is also possible to use mountain bikes for this kind of GPS orienteering.

This is a creative thinking team building activity.


Orienteering enhances planning, goal setting, organisation, communication and problem solving.

Each group is given a map and instructions. The instructions lead the group through the jungle to a place where either information or clues can be found. The information helps the group to find the next location. The group that arrives at the campsite first wins. This activity will promote a team's ability to move and think swiftly as one unit.

This activity can be carried out either on foot or on mountain bike. 
This is a negotiation team building activity.


Protecting the President is a paintball game that encourages planning, organisation, communication and individual roles.

One member of the team is the president. The rest of the team, body guard team members, have to bring him from one side of the terrain to the other. The assaulting team wins when they kill all body guards and capture the president alive. If the president is hit, the game is over. Teams alternatively assault and defend.

Further Paintballing activities to increase planning, organisation, communication and individual roles include:

Capture the Flags

Each team hides their flag in their camp. Each team has to defend its flag and capture the other one. A team wins by bringing the flag of the opposite team into their camp. A hit player stops playing and leaves the flag on the ground for any other player to pick it up.

Blindfold Target Shooting

Each team divides into pairs. One person, the shooter, is blindfolded, and must hit a number of targets. The other is the spotter, and must guide the shooter, either with verbal directions or with touch.

Transferring the Package.

The "package" is a 10 kg coconut trunk with handles. Inside are valuables that must be protected. The delivery team must take the package from one place in the compound to another. The transferring team wins if they deliver the package to their target zone. The assaulting team wins if they capture it.

These activities are recommended for physically fit delegates.
These are leadership team building activities.

Quad Biking

Quad Biking is an adventure sport game to encourage planning, goal setting, organisation, communication and problem solving.

This activity is orienteering using ATV quad bikes instead of on foot.  Teams must navigate round a series of locations in the shortest possible time.

This is a leadership team building activity.

Sales Race

In this game, teams are given a limited amount of money, and a shopping list. Their task is to find the items on their list which takes them to many places, and then to bargain for the items. Because money and time is at a premium, it takes teamwork and negotiation skills to be successful. The game can be done with either supplied transport, or as an added challenge, using public transport which will further test team’s ability to plan, cooperate, communicate and bargain.

This activity is recommended for the energetic.
This is a communication, leadership, cooperation and negotiation team building activity.

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