Outdoor Team Building Activities

Choose from a range of activities to suit your target areas:

Blindfold Fill-Up

Blindfold Fill-Up - to increase cooperation and listening skills.

Teams compete to gather the most glasses of water whilst unable to see. An area is laid out on the ground, with vessels of water inside. Outside the circle are water collection points.

This activity is recommended for all.
This is a communication and cooperation tean building activity.

Get It Together

Get It Together enhances cooperation and listening skills.

A guide dog activity where participants have to collect items from another area.

This activity is recommended for all.
This is a communication and cooperation team building activity.

Guide Dog

Guide Dog promotes communication, trust and planning.

A simple obstacle course is set up. One team member is blindfolded and led around the course by his team members: sometimes with physical contact and sometimes by verbal instructions.

This activity is recommended for all.
Encourages cooperation and listening skills.
This is a communication, negotiation and trust team building activity.

Raft Challenge!

Raft Challenge encourages organisation, planning, multi tasking, and practical skills.

Using the survival game from "Activities in the Conference Room", the delegates will be presented with a dessert island survival challenge. Firstly, given a list of ten everyday items, the teams must choose which they want, and rank them in order of importance.

While they are considering this, they have second challenge. Using only bamboo growing on the island, rope and water bottles they must construct a raft and take the entire team out into the lagoon. Collecting the team flag, they must return and plant their flag on the beach signaling their escape from the island.

This activity is recommended for swimmers.
This activity can take place outside the resort or on a nearby island.
This is a leadership team building activity.

Running Waiter

Running Waiter is a popular game that focuses on cooperative and listening skills.

This funny yet strenuous obstacle race requires good balance and body control. The game entails two competing groups with each participant carrying a tray with two glasses full of white wine.

This activity is recommended for all.
This is a cooperation team building activity.

Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste encourages creativity and problem solving.

This exercise involves a hypothetical situation in which teams must transport a container of "toxic waste" from one location to a neutralization can.

Participants will be faced with the challenge of transporting the said waste from one container to another without coming within 8-foot proximity of it.

Equipment includes approx. 75 feet of light rope and two large cans and an old bicycle tube.

This will stimulate the team's ability to be creative with limited materials as well as solve a difficult problem within a limited amount of time.

This activity is recommended for all.
This is a creative thinking team building activity.

Water Balloon Volleyball

Two teams throw a water balloon to each other. If the balloon bursts whilst a team has possession, the other team gains a point. This game promotes physical movement increases team spirit.

This activity is recommended for all.
Encourages competition and team spirit.

Water sports Regatta

Challenges can include:

Kayak Relay. Either in pairs or alone, team members race together to paddle over to an object, bring it back, and set off the next person.

Swimming and Kayak Biathlon RSelay, where teams send one member at a time to swim out and retrieve a kayak moored in the bay. Upon return, the next team member must take the kayak back to the buoy, and swim back to shore. When all team members have completed a run, the game ends.

Beach Volleyball. The classic beach team sport.

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