What is Team Building?

Team building is the process of analysis, activity and evaluation aimed at strengthening the success of a work unit. Success in team building is usually judged by the achievement of a shared goal, and fundamentally the work unit, or team, must be focused on accomplishing this clear-set goal. How the team goes about this depends on a number of factors:

How the team functions together.
The individual abilities of group members.
Whether or not these abilities are highlighted and expressed withing the team.
Team structure - who is leading whom.
Team development - training of the team towards improvement through targeted activities.

What Makes a Good Team?

The success of the team is dependent on the individual qualities of the team members and the extent to which these qualities are permitted to develop and flourish within the specific team. Team building activities will focus on explaining, building and perfecting these skills. The qualities can be broken down into:

Understanding - learning about and knowing other team members
Trust - belief and willful reliance on fellow team members
Communication - the key areas of listening, speaking and body language
Creativity - generating and implementing new ideas
Leadership - organised team direction and maximization of the team's strengths
Negotiation - building a mutually beneficial agreement
Cooperation - the ability to work with others

Why Do We Need Team Building?

Companies with stronger teams will achieve greater success in reaching the company's goals, whether those be financial, social or ecological.

It is estimated that of the top thousand companies in the world, more than 98% invest yearly in team building and management training.

When any new team is assembled, it is likely to face a series of common team problems, for example, the Apollo complex - intelligent and highly able individuals under-performing when working in the context of a team. Team building overcomes these problems, and raises the performance of the whole team to a level greater than its individual parts.

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